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Zenimax Online Studios currently shows zones in the Markarth DLC.

Only one thing was so excited about Elder Scrolls Online. This is hearts and as we approach The final game of The Dark Heart of Skyrim, Zenimax Online Studios is currently showing zones in the Markarth DLC, allowing players to view the heart of reach. To this end, previous articles on the official website explore the caves of Arkzand and the reach zones, which should soon be turned into a live game.

The expanse is filled with rocky terrain, rocky ancestral habitats, and dangerous wilderness. Andrew young, head of the Markart zone, explains the reach study:

– Within reach, each stone tells its own story. From the sacred sites of the Richfolk ancestors to the ruins of the Nords ‘ conquerors or the labyrinthine halls of the vanished dwarves, every inch of space hints at the rich and bloody history of this legendary land. I hope that players will leave Markart with the feeling that every question answered brings up new mysteries that make them eager to explore more of this amazing world for years to come.”

And as always, you can read more on The official website of The game The Elder Scrolls Online.

By the way, The Reach will have a lot of new world bosses, dives, Harrowstorms quests and the final part of the Dark Heart of Skyrim story. Skyrim’s huge size allows for extensive exploration both above and below ground, as players will also be able to pass through a dungeon in the Arctzand cave. Are the players to explore the dangerous cave, the stone city ? The Markarth DLC is scheduled to be released on November 2 for PC, Mac, and Stadia, and on November 10 for consoles.

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