ZeniMax brings players together in one tutorial, no matter which of the latest releases of The Elder Scrolls Online they have.

So, when you start uploading a new character to Elder Scrolls Online, you usually go to the tutorial. This tutorial depended on which edition of the last chapter you had. Now, ZeniMax has created what it calls a “universal experience” for players in the new tutorial, no matter which edition you start with.

Now each chapter contains a new tutorial that matches the theme and taste of this issue. Now, however, ZeniMax brings players together in one tutorial, regardless of which of the latest releases they have. ZeniMax Online Studios states that this new tutorial will give ” all new players the best possible start to their adventures in Tamriel.”

This new tutorial places players on the island of Belphira, which was last seen in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Zenimax Island is home to the ancient ruins of Direnni, where players will learn the basics of ESO while helping a new NPC, Norianwa, in the lead-up to their adventure. Once you finish the tutorial, you will be greeted by a portal that will take you to various starting points for your chosen chapter.

“Once you finish the new tutorial, you will enter the last portal room, which provides access to different initial locations depending on which parts of the game you currently own. For example, as the owner of the base game, you choose one of the three starting locations of the Base Game Alliance. However, if you have any of the game’s chapters, you also get access to portals that take your characters to their respective starting locations. It’s so easy! Once you finish the tutorial, you can start the story of your new character in any part of Tamriel, but if you are not sure where to start your journey, Norianwe will share more information about what adventures you can find in each of them.”

And also, ESO is looking forward to its upcoming Blackwood release next week, on June 1, for PC, Mac, and Stadia, while the console versions will be released a week later, on June 8. If you are waiting for an improved version for the current generation of consoles, then you will wait another week, as Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced was recently postponed so that the team can focus on making the launch as smooth as possible.

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