Z1 Battle Royale is shutting down its South American servers and canceling the Showdown event

Z1 Battle Royale

This April is a tough month for players of Z1 Battle Royale, the PC version of H1Z1. Developer NantG fired a bunch of staff and then left Z1BR at Daybreak, saying it rolls to mobile instead. Daybreak promise to continue support. Although it “still digesting” all what happened.

Daybreak developers posted some bad news this Friday: South American servers are shutting down, the game though will continue.

“On Tuesday, April 30, we are ending Season 3. We are also shutting down South America servers at that time. This will consolidate our Americas player base on North America, speeding up queue times and ensuring Z1BR’s other servers continue to operate for the vast majority of our global community as we lead into next Season. As of this time, we plan to kick off Season 4 on Tuesday, May 14.”

The Showdown event has been canceled as well, since Daybreak doesn’t think it has time to make everything decent, but players who have rights for it will still get their gifts.

“We will be back with more information as we work towards kicking off Season 4,” the studio promised.


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