Z1 Battle Royale, H1Z1’s PC version seems to be in troubles, as devs confirm they’re quitting

Z1 Battle Royale, H1Z1’s PC version

If we talk about Z1 Battle Royale it seems to have a big trouble today. Dozens developers of the game’s PC version known as H1Z1 probably is being out of work, we would assume though they’re preparing some of a major announcement regarding the game. Now it remains unclear if the game will be closed or not.

The last month, a major patch was added into the game and it seemed to be a homage to the old-school game. So the fate of Just Survive is still uncertain and probably the game is not going to be shutted down. However, a half month ago Jace Hall had been brought as the project leader to rescue Z1 Battle Royale. The picture of his role and its unpredictable end was always strange, and quitting, Daybreak mentioned he didn’t get money for the work he’s done. And last week, the company said it was “currently in planning mode discussing many things” and that it might bring more information Tuesday. (It didn’t, though.) Add to this the game’s professional esports league collapsing and out of control financial mismanagement from last fall, which led to the aftermaths.

So, there’s no reason today to believe that any other Daybreak/NantG games, including the PS4 version of H1Z1, are affected.

We will set update, as it appears, all we can do now is to say that we’re sorry for all the situation, so there’s our condolences to the rank-and-file devs and players, who’s been affected by these events.

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