The update of MMORPG Perfect World'll bring the ability to wake dragons

You’ll can wake dragons in MMORPG Perfect World

My.Games declared an update of MMORPG Perfect World called “Awakening of Dragons” at Russian servers. West continent and Firmament of Ideality got new locations, Warriors’ and Magicians’ appearance became better. The main novelty is “Dragons Rite”.

The plot of the West continent is being continued. Users should find Aida mother and eradicate her confederates. You’ll get different things and the ability of strengthen your characters as a reward.

Sky livers’ homeplace got a Full Moon Pavilion. This place gives the repose to the ones lost their relatives. Taking part in it gives you exchequer for Empyreal weapon creating, eretica Lingxiu, its oses pieces and much more.

Warriors & Magicians’ gesture became more realistic. Players can vary characters’ appearance with Times Scroll using NEWMODELS2021 promocode which works till the 1st of July.

The main novelty is “Dragons Rite”. It gives 80+ leveled users the ability to wake sleeping dragons. They must to complete different missions to do it. Some things including unique will also be got as an award. Right after the rite ends, you’ll have to observe the firework at the Dragon Gates.

New players system was introduced, some of skills were updated. You can see the details at the official site.


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