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You will soon be able to play Into the Echo in UE 5

The upcoming MMORPG Into the Echo (PC) not only relies on social features and time travel, but also on the modern Unreal Engine 5. And soon you can even play the game.

What happened in the MMORPG? It’s not the first MMORPG to be developed in Unreal Engine 5, but Into the Echo is the first that lets you play.

The first pre-alpha tests will take place on December 4th and 6th and are aimed at a limited number of fans chosen at random from among the registered users. Since the invitations are still being sent, you have a chance to be there.

How do you play along? All you have to do is register for free on the Into the Echo website and hope that you are one of the lucky ones to get a taste of the game at the beginning of December.

Registration takes place directly via the developer Etlok Studios on their homepage. There is currently no way to buy secure access. So if you already want to experience what the Unreal Engine 5 feels like and no longer want to wait for games like ArcheAge 2 and Forspoken, sign up for Into the Echo.

The MMORPG relies on time travel and an exciting progression system

What is Into the Echo? The new MMORPG takes place on the planet Raava, before which a cosmic event took place millions of years ago. Since that day the inhabitants of the planet have had supernatural powers which they call Qen. This Qen also makes time travel possible, which is supposed to be a big aspect of Into the Echo. In order to discover the secrets of the planet, you must cooperate with other players and prevent a war.

In terms of gameplay, not much is known about the MMORPG at this point in time. There should be PvE and PvP content, but more details have not yet been presented. However, the developers assert that they want to move away from the MMORPG formulas of today and revive the enthusiasm of the old MMOs.

How does the progress work? These changes are to be seen above all in the new progression system, which the developers describe as being similar to the spokes of a wheel. So there shouldn’t be a linear level system as you know it from other MMORPGs.

This system works in a similar way to the life skills in New World. Players can level up and improve in completely separate areas without advancing the other skill trees. So there are situations in which a fan with 5 hours of play time is as advanced in a category as someone with 500 hours.

This should enable the interaction of all players without one of them performing tasks that are meaningless for him. In addition, it should have the effect that the “skill” of a player can no longer be tied to a single number.

What do you think of the new MMORPG? Are you interested in playing in the pre-alpha and finally seeing the Unreal Engine 5 in action? Or do you keep your distance from a game at this stage of development? Where do you see further opportunities for Unreal Engine 5? While you are waiting for this game, you can also get acquainted with such an MMORPG as Elder Scrolls Online.

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