You will be able to communicate with your WoW friends from your phone now

World of Warcraft

Probably any of you guys own a phone, which automatically makes you all the target audience for the new update coming for the relevant app for World of Warcraft. If you don’t have one you won’t be able to update your game, since it’s a phone app. To the rest auditory, now you can talk in guild and community chat channels right from that phone! Don’t you like modern technology?

There’s also a calendar available, so you can check in for any forthcoming guild, community events or any other holidays related to the game. A pretty useful way to be in touch even when you’re off to the game, so those of you who needed more communication options will be excited to use that update to talk with your WoW comrads even if you’re playing some other game on your computer at the time. So, be ready to that novelty, worthy to download.

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