Xur's offers and the Invitation of the Nine in Destiny 2 this week

Xur’s offers and the Invitation of the Nine in Destiny 2 this week

destiny 2 xur may 4th

Xur is back this week to Destiny 2, with his Exotic  cargo, including two sets of gauntlets, leg armor, and a submachine gun (the Exotic Weapon of this week). This time his stocks look very alike with the end of March ones. He will wait for you on Io being near the Giant Scar.

Xur inventory this week

  • The Huckleberry [Exotic Submachine Gun] – 29 Legendary Shards.
  • Antaeus Wards [Exotic Titan Leg Armor]– 23 Legendary Shards
  • Contraverse Hold [Exotic Warlock Gauntlets] – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Gemini Jester [Exotic Hunter Leg Armor] – 23 Legendary Shards
  • Five of Swords [Challenge Card]

The Invitation of the Nine

If you don’t care about Xur’s offers, you, as always, can get the latest Invitation of the Nine. The current invitation is one of the three left. It is The Tower again, since the problem appeared: the Vex are not located in the Tangled Shore and this is the issue with the Strike this time. You have more time to complete it though, because, as Bungie mentioned, they are going to deal with it in next week update 2.2.2.

To complete invitation task, fight your foes on the Tangled Shore and gather metaphysical samples from them. But before that, you should accomplish the Hollowed Lair Strike with following steps:

  • Collect nine Hive sample
  • Collect nine Scorn samples
  • Collect nine Vex samples
  • Finish the Hollowed Lair strike

Complete your invitation by Tuesday at reset, in other case, you won’t be able to get a new invitation.

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