It's time to meet Xur and get new Invitation of the Nine again

It’s time to meet Xur with new offers and get new Invitation of the Nine again

destiny 2 xur

Xur comes again to Destiny 2 and will be waiting for you at the Winding Cove in the European Dead Zone. New items he has to offer you this weekend: an auto rifle, this week’s exotic weapon called Sweet Business; a helmet, called One-Eyed Mask; and two mysterious chests, Chromatic Fire and Raiden Flux. All items will cost you 23 Legendary Shards, except the Raiden Flux chest, which’s price is 29 Legendary Shards.

Sweet Business will help you to increase accuracy, using its special feature called Payday. The large magazine of this auto riffle will also help.

Invitations of the Nine

Invitations of the Nine theme is the World again, since it starts over this week. This time you need to gather parts of your fallen foes, namely nine Cabal samples, nine Fallen samples and nine Taken samples. Plus you need to accomplish the Lake of Shadows Strike to call the task finished.

That’s all for this week, go and get your job done. To get you Destiny 2 boosting click here.

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