World of Warcraft's new Battle for Azeroth comic "Mechagon" is available

World of Warcraft’s new Battle for Azeroth comic “Mechagon” is available

wow mechagon

Discover the mysteries that await in Mechagon comic, written by Matt Burns, a senior writer on Blizzard Entertainment’s creative development team, and illustrated by Miki Montlló, an artist who has been working in animation (for studios including Filmax, Cartoon Saloon, and Laika), games, and comics for 12 years.


“No one is immune from death—no one except the people of Mechagon. At least, that’s what the stories say. Most gnomes think Mechagon is just a far-fetched legend, but not the old, scarred explorer Kervo. After years of obsessive research, he has set off on what might be his final adventure: a daring gambit to find Mechagon and uncover the secrets of immortality before his own time runs out.”

Mechagon is a formerly unexplored part of Gnomish lore in World of Warcraft, having not been mentioned before its inclusion in the game with patch 8.2 and having no lore leading up to it. Or, more accurately, no lore prior to a new comic that outlines one scarred Gnomish explorer seeking out the ancient legendary realm of Mechagon, something so shrouded in mystery that no one else even believes it’s real.

The comic is free for anyone to peruse and details the journey of Kervo as he struggles to find Mechagon and prove that it’s real. Although he may not walk away with the proof that he had hoped to find.

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