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WoW: The beloved Mage tower from Legion is coming back

Dataminers discovered something great in World of Warcraft. The Legion Mage Tower will be celebrating its return.

Although World of Warcraft is often criticized for its many systems, there is some content that players mourn for a long time when it disappears from the game. One of these was the Mage Tower, which players in Legion could visit on the Broken Shore. Now the anticipation of the return is increasing – because the first data mining shows that the old magician tower is being revived.

What is the magician tower? The Mage Tower was endgame content for all players in the later patches of the “Legion” expansion. In a particularly tricky boss fight that required a lot of planning and practice, each class was able to earn a number of special skins for the artifact weapon. The whole thing was limited in time – whoever unlocked the skin back then still owns it today. Other players can no longer get it.

What has now been discovered? Information has now been found in the game data of Patch 9.1.5 that the Mage Tower is being revived. There are entries that revise some of the teleportations associated with the Mage Tower, such as:

  • “Teleport – Imp Mother’s Den”
  • “Teleport – Twisting Nether”
  • “Teleport – God Queen Scenario”

These are all the names for the places where the class challenge of the Mage Tower took place at that time. But that’s not all. Numerous spells from the age of the magician’s tower have also been found in the game data, they have received an update. The damage of these abilities has been adjusted so that it better matches the current values ​​of the characters’ health – after all, you were in Legion level 110 at the time and are now level 60 thanks to the level squish.

What are the rewards then? It is unlikely that the artifact weapon skins will be accessible again. However, other cosmetic items have already been found in the game data – such as a recolor of the popular T20 set that was in the Sargeras Tomb at the time.

The lead game designer Jeremy Feasel (“Muffinus”) also posted an ominous tweet here. It shows a magician set from data mining with the cat Garfield and the question: “Huh. I wonder what that is for. ” It seems like these transmog sets are a treat for the Mage Tower.

When can you play this? Only after the release of patch 9.1.5 – which will probably appear sometime in mid-October. However, it is entirely possible that the return of the Mage Tower is linked to the event “Wandering in Time: Legion”, which will also be released with patch 9.1.5. A cool addition to the time wandering, which then also has content for solo players. After all, everyone in the magician’s tower is on their own.

This is how the players react: Pretty enthusiastic. Whether in the WoW subreddit or the comments on wowhead, the anticipation is pretty great. A few opinions on this are:

  • “Don’t do this to me, Blizzard. My heart can’t take that. “
  • “Damn, that’s exactly the one thing you can do to get me back into the subscription …”

However, there are also a few voices who are concerned that Blizzard will make the artifact weapon skins from yesteryear accessible again. So writes Haytur:

I’ll cancel my subscription if that’s a way to get the transmog out of the tower. One of the reasons I still play is because I have things to show off because I’ve invested time in the game. They’ll take that feeling away from me and then it’s time to leave the game behind.

Why is the Mage tower so popular? Since the end of Legion, the players have mourned the Mage Tower. For many, it was a particularly cool challenge where you could nibble on a really tough task on your own and slowly improve. Garnished with a cool, exclusive – and above all purely cosmetic – reward, it hit the nerve of many players.

Note, however, that so far this has only been about data pooling and a few allusions from a developer. Until it is officially confirmed, it would still be possible that this feature would not be included in the chat. However, given all the data, a little bit of anticipation seems appropriate.

What do you think of the (likely) return of the Mage Towers? Are you looking forward to it? Or are you not in the mood for “warmed-up content”?

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