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WoW Patch 9.2: the new update – Eternity’s End

The next patch of World of Warcraft has been revealed. We’ll show you what’s in Patch 9.2.

As announced in advance, Blizzard has presented the next patch 9.2 at 7:00 p.m. The update will be called “Eternity’s End” and has a pretty big name. Whether the patch can deliver what the name promises – this preview can give you a little foretaste.

New Zone: Zereth Mortis – The new zone will be Zereth Mortis. This is the area from which “the first” come. This is where the afterlife was created into which souls are divided. The jailer already has an advantage and arrives in this area before us.

WoW stories should come to an end: It is also particularly interesting that the developers emphasize that Patch 9.2 will bring stories to an end that have been told since Warcraft III. The patch 9.2 is therefore a highlight of the story of World of Warcraft and brings together many threads to make new stories possible afterwards.

New language grants content: New in patch 9.2 is a new language that all players can learn in the course of the story. The “cipher of the first” is spoken by the Automa and the residents of Zereth Mortis. Understanding and comprehending these runes gradually unlocks new content and serves as a kind of progress in Zereth Mortis.

New Raid: Sepulcher of the First Ones –  will be the new raid in Patch 9.2. It takes players to the place that shaped many other empires. Normal rules of physics do not apply here, which makes the whole place seem unreal and illogical in many places. Some of the bosses are:

  • Anduin
  • Dreadlords
  • A being similar to Algalon
  • (presumably) the jailer

The Tier sets are also included again. In the new raid, all classes are finally getting their own set again, which should thematically match the design of the class.

2 legendary items at the same time: In the course of patch 9.2, players can unlock the option account-wide to be able to carry 2 legendary items at the same time. That should cause quite a balance chaos in some classes.

When will the patch be released? There is no specific date for the update yet. However, if Blizzard sticks to earlier release dates, then the release should be in about 3 months – mid to late February.

Are you looking forward to the new patch? Or do you prefer to wait for 10.0 and the end of Shadowlands?

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