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WoW: Patch 9.2 is the end of Shadowlands

With patch 9.2, the story of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands apparently ends. And supposedly it was even planned that way.

Yesterday, Blizzard announced the World of Warcraft patch 9.2 and presented the new area, the rough story and the raid in a 10-minute video. While the anticipation grows with some fans and they look forward to new content, there is also some concern – because Patch 9.2 will probably be the end of Shadowlands, the final, major content patch of the expansion.

What was said in an interview with GameRant magazine, Blizzard confirmed that “Eternity’s End” is planned as the climax and finale of the Shadowlands story. In addition, Shadowlands should only have 3 seasons. Since the second season is currently running and the third season begins with patch 9.2, the conclusion is clear: The plot of Shadowlands comes to an end with patch 9.2.

Has anything been shortened? After the statement that Patch 9.2 will probably be the last big content drop for Shadowlands, another question arises: Has content been deleted there, similar to Warlords of Draenor? Have the plans been discarded in order to quickly come to an end and then be able to continue “fresh” with the 9th expansion?

No, at least says Blizzard. According to Steve Danuser, the story boss at WoW, Shadowlands is said to have been planned as a “story in 3 acts” even before the pandemic. That would be the campaign of Patch 9.0, Patch 9.1 and Patch 9.2.

Whether this is the truth can hardly be verified, but at first it seems unusual. Most of the time, the extensions have more than 2 content updates. Only Warlords of Draenor had so little – and the expansion was ended prematurely.

Nothing more after patch 9.2? It is not entirely clear. Although it seems impossible that a patch 9.3 is still pending, there could at least be a smaller patch, such as 9.2.5. It could bring an epilogue and at the same time slowly lead to the next expansion before the next adventure with Patch 10.0. But that is still a long way off in the future.

What do you think that Patch 9.2 will be the end of Shadowlands? Too bad and hasty? Or the right step to quickly start something new?  While the developers are finishing up 9. 2 and you are bored in World of Warcraft, you can get acquainted with such MMOs as Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert or New World.

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