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WoW: Patch 9.2 is pending – the first clues have already been discovered

The next patch of World of Warcraft is closer than we thought. The first information about patch 9.2 has already been found.

In World of Warcraft the patch 9.1.5 was just released, which brought numerous improvements to the gameplay. But the update didn’t have a lot of new content, which is why many players are eagerly looking at the 9.2 patch.

However, it was reasonable to assume that the first signs of the patch are still far, far away. But now there is good news: the first signs of the patch have already been discovered!

What was discovered: the first encrypted files have already arrived on the Blizzard Content Delivery Network (CDN). The information was updated and upgraded from Patch 9.1.5 to Patch 9.2. This is a first indication that the patch in its first version should hit the PTR soon.

When will patch 9.2 be released? It is still too early to predict a reliable release date. However, if you consider that large patches are often tested between 2 and 3 months, a release should not be expected until February 2022 at the earliest. In the worst case, it could also be March or April 2022 – depending on how well developments are going.

That is how long the WoW players would have to get by with the current content. Although there is a whole range of smaller content that is still pending, such as the Time walking: Legion with the Mage tower, the WoW birthday event and also the Feast of Winter Veil – none of this is really “fresh” content and should not last long.

Is there anything else coming after Patch 9.2? That’s a good question. As a rule, a WoW extension consists of 3 larger patches. However, the many postponements could have resulted in the developers simply canceling the 9.3 patch or integrating parts of it into the 9.2 update. Then Shadowlands would come to a conclusion faster – much like it was the case with “Warlords of Draenor”.

At the time, the hasty ending was very much criticized, but ultimately led to the very popular expansion “Legion”. We will probably also find out in the next few months whether WoW will succeed in this feat again or stick to the plans for Patch 9.3.

Because the game director Ion Hazzikostas has promised that we will learn more about the conclusion of Shadowlands in the “not so distant future”.

Are you looking forward to patch 9.2 and are you curious about the story? Or do you just hope that Shadowlands will end soon?

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