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WoW: Patch 9.1.5 makes dying in Shadowlands more pleasant

With Patch 9.1.5 there are many improvements in World of Warcraft. Even dying becomes a little more comfortable.

Even if the Shadowlands represent the beyond of World of Warcraft, many a hero can easily bless the temporal. Although most players have long since unlocked the ability to fly, it looks particularly stupid when you die – you continue to walk back to the corpse there. That sucks and takes up a lot of time – but that will finally come to an end with Patch 9.1.5.

What is the problem? Dying in the Shadowlands isn’t that hard at all. Sometimes an elite opponent pulled too much, sometimes not surviving a skirmish in PvP or just jumping off the cliff with too much good humor and forgetting which hotkey triggers levitating.

So far, you have to walk from the cemetery to your corpse afterwards – on foot. However, this is quite exhausting in some areas of the Shadowlands, especially in Revendreth. A lot takes place there on different levels, so that even as a ghost you suddenly have to use elevators and take long detours. Not a nice feeling.

How does Blizzard fix this? With patch 9.1.5 you can also fly as a ghost in the Shadowlands. So when you die, you step straight onto a flight mount and can get back to your corpse much faster. With it you simply fly over cliffs, large buildings and other obstacles and are also much faster than on foot.

Walking distances and the time it takes to reach the corpse are therefore reduced by 80% to 90%, depending on the distance to the cemetery.

Where does that not work? Also in patch 9.1.5 it is not possible to fly if you die in Maw or in Korthia. Here ghosts have to continue walking back to their corpse. Since both Korthia and Maw are quite clear, this is not as disturbing as in the other four areas of the Shadowlands.

When is that coming? An exact release date for Patch 9.1.5 is not yet available. However, the update can already be played on the PTR, so that the development time can be roughly foreseen. Realistic estimates assume a release in mid-October. Until then, you have to continue to walk back to your corpse – then at least this agony will finally come to an end.

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