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WoW: Korthia is torture for twinks – but that’s finally changing

Tired of Korthia in World of Warcraft? Then wait and see – Patch 9.1.5 makes it much more pleasant, especially for second characters.

Much of the current Korthia area revolves around farming reputation and gathering relics which then aid the archivist’s code. What is still a bearable effort for one character becomes an almost insurmountable task for second characters. Blizzard has now recognized that – and improved a lot in patch 9.1.5.

What’s the problem with Korthia? Progress in Korthia is tied directly to fame. Only those who farm a lot on Korthia and ideally spend 1-2 hours there every day can make significant progress every day, if the character is not supposed to nibble on the fame forever. However, Korthia has not proven to be particularly fun for twinks, as waiting for rare enemies or completing the quests is not much fun – especially when few or no relics are dropped that are needed for the reputation.

What will be changed? Blizzard is introducing a number of upgrades and improvements that are primarily intended to benefit second characters.

The investigation reports (item upgrades) and essays (bonus loot in content from Patch 9.0) can now be purchased by all characters on the account, provided that at least one character has reached the corresponding reputation level. Reputation level 6 players can purchase a new Investigation Report and send it to Twinks, which increases Reputation gain from Relics and Relic Fragments by 50%.

The quest “Relic Efficiency” at reputation level 4 now increases the average amount of relics that are available as bonus drops from rare enemies and treasure chests. It also increases the amount of Relics that are offered as rewards in the daily quests and the weekly crate.

Two new quests have been added. “Relic Clues” at reputation level 3 grants a 10% chance to receive double the relic amount and “Relic Hunter” at reputation level 5 increases this chance to 40%. Both quests also increase the average amount of Relics that are available as bonus drops, daily quests, and the weekly crate.

What’s the point then? The changes are especially useful for people who want to get solid equipment primarily through solo content or lighter content. Second characters can thus climb the high reputation levels in the archivist’s code much faster and use the item upgrades earlier. For players who do content like Mythic +, Raids or rated PvP, equipping via Korthia is hardly worthwhile.

When will the improvements come? With the release of patch 9.1.5. There is no fixed date for this yet, but realistic estimates assume publication in mid-October. As soon as there is a specific date, we will inform you about it.

What do you think of this change to quests, reputation and rewards in Korthia? A good thing? Or does it come much too late and is then no longer of any use?

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