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WoW has just blown one of the most annoying Caps

The anima Cap in World of Warcraft has been annoying players for weeks. Now the developers have reacted and are providing a remedy with a hotfix.

Anima was an important resource for starting World of Warcraft: Shadowlands – at least if you were into cosmetic rewards. In the meantime, however, Anima is acidic in the inventory and on the banks and the limit of 35,000 Anima is annoying. Therefore, WoW has now installed a hotfix and extended the upper limit for Anima.

What was the problem? After patch 9.1 Anima became available in abundance, the inventory slots of the players filled up. The limit of 35,000 anima, which was almost unattainable at the beginning, has been reached more and more often and meanwhile the players don’t even know where to go with this resource.

Many could no longer redeem all of their anima badges because the cap had been reached – so they had to delete the badges or store them in the bank.

What has been changed? With a hotfix, Blizzard significantly increased the Anima cap on the night of August 30th to August 31st. The old limit of 35,000 has been removed. Instead, each character can now carry around a whopping 200,000 anima. This limit should not be reached so quickly and give all characters at least a little more leeway.

What else can you do with Anima? Anyone who has already incorporated all cosmetic items for Anima can at least turn the resource into gold. Because in Oribos there is the possibility to purchase various important handicraft materials for Anima.

Since the materials are needed to make legendary items, there is always at least some basic need. So it can be worthwhile to exchange Anima for materials in order to earn a few hundred or thousand additional gold pieces.

Are you already on the anima cap and don’t know what to do with this stuff? Or did you find 35,000 unrealistic and don’t even know how you should ever reach 200,000?

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