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WoW: Farming Fame for alts – this week with Arathi

Earning fame is faster than ever in World of Warcraft. If you want to catch up on your alts, you should take advantage of this week.

The 9.1.5 patch in World of Warcraft is finally live and has brought numerous improvements. Players can easily switch their covenants and collecting reputation for twinks is now much easier. But this week there is an even more lucrative method that you should use. We’ll tell you everything about the current “fame turbo”.

What’s going on in WoW right now? The new patch 9.1.5 is live and has relaxed many restrictions in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Covenants can now be swapped at your whim, while at the same time collecting fame is easier. Alts in particular can enjoy strong bonuses here if at least one character has already reached fame level 80.

How can you increase your fame quickly? There are basically two methods for doing this. Anyone who has already reached fame level 80 on any character with any pact should visit Oribos. Right next to the flight master is the NPC Au’Dara who sells a number of interesting items. The “Broker Mark of Distinction” for 500 gold pieces is relevant for us. This is only available for purchase when the character has reached Fame Level 80.

The Mediator’s Badge of Honor lets you advance to fame level 40 with another (or the same) character with one click! This means that not only is the entire pact campaign available, all soul bonds are also activated. This is especially worthwhile if you want to level a new twink or try another covenant.

PvP is particularly popular this week

Anyone who is already at level 60 and can no longer complete quests to gain fame should try “pseudo-PvP”. This week the brawl is “PvP Brawl: Comp Stomp” again. The Arathi Basin is played here – but against bots. It’s so easy and simple that your own parliamentary group has usually taken all checkpoints within 3 minutes and won after 5 minutes. Every victory has a high chance of granting a level of fame, so that you can increase your fame up to about 65 at lightning speed. Note, however, that if you win, glory is not guaranteed – the chance is quite high, however.

You can start the brawl mode via the group search, you can find it directly in the PvP registrations. As a rule, the waiting time for this mode is extremely short, as numerous players just increase their fame in this way.

Quite apart from that, the “Brawl: Comp Stomp” is a good opportunity to collect a bit of honor, badges of honor (for transmog) and reputation with the Arathi faction, in order to also take the last cosmetics or successes with you.

As usual, the last couple of Fame Levels must be completed via the weekly quests and the Korthia Campaign. Just make sure that you accept your calling quests in the Covenant Sanctum, which collect 1,000 anima and possibly save 20 souls for this week. You can see in advance whether the respective quest grants fame by checking the rewards for the quest.

What to do at level 50 If you are not yet at level 60, you can still collect a lot of fame. From level 50 you can already use the mediator’s badge of honor. Then you should just complete quests or do dungeons – both give pretty solid fame levels. By the time you get to level 60, your fame should also be around 60 – without much effort. Have you got your alts up to 80 fame yet?

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