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WoW: Death knight levels completely wrong at level 60

A player has leveled in World of Warcraft with just a fraction of their skills. Individual enemies were often a huge challenge.

In modern World of Warcraft, the game doesn’t really start until you’ve reached level 60. The way there is now quite brisk and thanks to different specializations, each class can level in several ways. For some players, however, this is not challenging enough – like this death knight who forgot the most important things while leveling.

What happened? The death knight Basard showed a screenshot in the WoW subreddit showing his character at level 60. Only “death knight” is seen as a character description. Here is actually a more precise specialization, such as “blood death knight” or “frost death knight”.

This means that Basard has survived the entire level phase from level 8 (death knights start on the level) without specialization.

How does it work? Since the revision of the level phase, characters at level 10 are no longer automatically assigned a specialization. Although WoW keeps telling the players through pop-ups that they should choose a specialization and spend talent points, there is no compulsion to do so. If you simply never select a specialization, you can virtually play the game without it.

Why is it so difficult? If a character does not choose a specialization in WoW, then he only has access to a very small part of the skills – namely all “neutral” skills that are not tied to a specialization. But even these neutral skills are usually particularly weak, as they are not reinforced by the talents and passive effects of the specializations.

What were special hardships? In the comments below the screenshot, the player Basard goes into a little more about the special problems that arise with the “specc-less” death knight: Runic Strike scales with level, but has no AoE function – not even when used in Death and Decay. This makes it very difficult to damage multiple enemies. The basic death knight has no diseases to spread – that means that much of the damage is lost.

Mastery simply doesn’t exist for the character. If you do not select a specialization, then this value has no use and is not even displayed in the character window.

One of Basard’s main strategies was to find undead enemies to subjugate so that they would fight for him as a companion and he would not die so quickly. This is how the players react: The WoW subreddit recognizes the achievement. There were over 5,000 upvotes and numerous awards for it, but some players demand that the death knight go further.

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