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WoW Classic brings new servers – with tougher bosses and without world buffs

WoW Classic wants to know again. Quasi a “Classic +”, because the bosses are getting tougher and there are a lot of adjustments.

When World of Warcraft Classic launched in 2019, some of the expectations of some fans were bitterly disappointed. The difficulty of the raid bosses in particular was often grossly overestimated, as they were child’s play compared to modern WoW. Many years of experience made the bosses easy and quite undemanding.

At the same time, some WoW Classic players are already longing for a “fresh” start and want to experience the Classic era again – right from the start.

This is exactly where Blizzard has found a compromise: New, fresh Classic Realms with improvements. This is then called “The season of the championship”.

The biggest adjustments to the “new” Classic Realms

Blizzard has already announced some of the changes. We will briefly introduce you to the biggest differences to the conventional Classic Realms during the season of the championship.

World buffs are deactivated in raids: World buffs quickly became an extremely important component in World of Warcraft Classic. The players went to great lengths to stack the strongest possible buffs like “Battle Cry of the Dragon Slayer”. As a result, it was often just a matter of collecting as many buffs as possible and then completing the raid in record time. To avoid this, Blizzard simply deactivates these buffs completely in all raid content.

New, Old Mechanics: Some bosses in WoW Classic had additional mechanics earlier in development, but over time these were removed or never properly implemented. Blizzard wants to bring these mechanics back to give the bosses a bit more bite.

Debuff limit is removed: A maximum of 16 debuffs can be active on an enemy at the same time. With 40 players, including DOT classes, that’s extremely little. Blizzard is removing this cap so that all classes and specializations can reach their full potential.

More HP for Bosses: Bosses’ health points are increased to compensate for other adjustments (like the debuff limit). Fights become a little longer and harder.

Faster phase sequence: The championship season sticks to the 6-phase system of WoW Classic, but it will run much faster. A new phase should begin almost every 2 months, so that all content can be played in a little less than a year.

What else is changing?

But apart from the raid content, Blizzard also wants to make a few adjustments with the “Season of the Championship” that affect the gaming experience.

Faster leveling thanks to more XP: The level speed should be increased. The XP gained in the season of the championship should be based on the level speed of “The Burning Crusade Classic”.

Meeting stones can be ported: Meeting stones in WoW Classic have only a relatively minor benefit. In modern World of Warcraft, they can be used to teleport players to the entrance of a dungeon when at least 2 players are already present. This is how it should work in the season of the championship – meeting stones become summoning stones.

More loot for professions: Herbalists and mountain farmers should be able to find more loot in the future, as Blizzard wants to add additional spawn points for ores and herbs. The developers want to take account of the fact that there are more players on a Classic Realm than was the case in Vanilla at the time.

When does it start? Blizzard wants to test the “Season of the Championship” with an open beta from October 5th. So then you can look at the test realms and see for yourself whether you like the season of the championship or not.

What do you think of this idea of ​​the championship season? Do you want to dive into this “harder” classic again? Or is that not your favor at all?

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