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WoW celebrates its 17th birthday with an exclusive mount

World of Warcraft is celebrating its birthday. You have to hurry if you want to receive a unique mount. We’ll tell you how to do it.

World of Warcraft is celebrating the game’s birthday once again. As of today, the festivities in Blizzard‘s MMORPG have started. As usual, there are some highlights, such as bosses from the past, a big XP boost and even a fancy mount.

What kind of event is that? World of Warcraft’s birthday has always been an in-game event that was drastically redesigned a few years ago. If you log in, you will immediately receive an anniversary package in the mail, which contains some Timewarped Badges, fireworks and a holiday package.

What’s new? The Doomwalker, who is out and about in Tanaris during the event, is new. This is an old world boss that existed back in the days of “The Burning Crusade”. Now he’s apparently a little lost and trudging through the Kalimdor desert. The possible loot there is especially cool:

  • Akama’s Edge – A one-handed axe, that looks like Akama’s weapons
  • Doomwalker Trophy Stand – A new toy to add to your collection
  • Illidari Doomhawk – A new mount, a rather dark dragonhawk

The mount in particular should be of interest to collectors. Although the mount is no longer graphically up-to-date, it is just a coloring of the old model from Burning Crusade – but it is still unique.

How long does the event last? The WoW birthday lasts from November 15, 2021 to December 5, 2021. So you have exactly three weeks to earn all the rewards and benefit from the XP bonus and other advantages.

XP Boost speeds up leveling: During these 3 weeks it is particularly worthwhile to level a new character. Because every character who logs in during the event receives mail with a special package. An item in it can be used to increase the experience points received by 17% for one hour. The item has no cooldown and unlimited charges, but disappears at the end of the event.

If you combine this 17% with other bonuses, such as the war mode or the XP bonus potions from Battle for Azeroth, you can reach the maximum level 60 at breakneck speed.

What else is there? Otherwise, the event has most of the large and small content available that was already there in previous years. These are:

  • A new mechanical dragon pet
  • Transmog options, like bronze glasses
  • Wands that transform into gnolls, murlocs and more
  • Costumes to appear as VanCleef or Yeti

That being said, you can take on daily quests to defeat the nightmare dragons that are scattered across Azeroth at the dream portals. They even drop loot that is otherwise no longer in the game.

So the event is a nice thing for collectors – as well as for everyone who still wants to level a few characters in order to have all classes at maximum levels or simply to bring some variety into everyday WoW.

And if you are a little tired of World of Warcraft, you can take a look at such MMOs as Elder Scrolls Online or New World.

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