FFWS 2021: Jah Khalid & Garena recorded an anthem

Gah Khalid & Garena recorded an anthem for CIS teams on Free Fire World Championship

Royal Battle publisher collaborated with a famous singer Jah Khalid in honor of Free Fire World Championship took place in Singapore participants. The new song became the official anthem of CIS counties’ teams.

As Jah Khalid says, any kind of activity requires strength of character, the ability of still fighting and not giving up in difficult situations. He’m endeavoring to put this words into his oeuvre: songs, clips and other projects. That’s why he appreciates Free Fire collaboration so much – this team is on the same way with the singer. The way Free Fire supports and attracts the participants can’t help inspiring him. They’re trying to share their worths via simple guys who fight for their success despite all the difficulties. Same way that you can order PoE Currency from our store.

Free Fire organized a large-scale event with the diversity of special weapon, equipment and clothes in honor of FFWS. The players will get a free backpack going in Free Fire on the 29th of May. The audience of the 30th of May broadcast will get extra awards.

By the way, if you want to watch FFWS broadcast and cheer on your favorite teams, you can find PlayIn Final broadcast on the 28th and the 30th of May at 4 p.m. (Moscow time) in Free Fire YouTube channel.

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