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World of Warcraft: Twitch streamer Asmongold is expecting drastic changes to the game

With World of Warcraft’s current decline, popular Twitch streamer Asmongold expects Blizzard to make some “massive changes” to the game.

World of Warcraft is not doing so well right now. Numerous players have since turned their backs on the MMO and have joined the competition. Especially Final Fantasy 14 benefited from this and was able to win a bunch of new players and thus set new player records.

The current scandal surrounding Blizzard has definitely contributed to the current situation of the MMORPG, but veterans of the title have been dissatisfied with the game for some time. Many new systems are criticized, the plot of the new expansion Shadowlands likes almost nobody, and in addition, players had to wait a very long time for the first big patch for the expansion, which was also not well received by the users. However, the Twitch streamer and well-known WoW player Asmongold does not think that the MMO will end here. Instead, he expects a few massive changes for World of Warcraft, which should come with the next patches:

“I think WoW needed that. They needed that because the people in charge of the game will probably see this and restructure the team. I guarantee you they will.”

Asmongold is definitely known for harshly criticizing Blizzard. He has also not been satisfied with the MMO for some time and, according to him, the game needed massive changes a few years ago:

“The team that works on WoW doesn’t know what it’s doing. You don’t lose more than 50 percent of your player base and can then claim that you know what you’re doing.”
The streamer thinks there are two possible directions Blizzard can take now. According to him, the title could be published free of charge for smartphone devices and financed through microtransactions:
“They get as much out of the game as possible and then they just turn it off. After that, they might work on a new Warcraft game. In five years we could see Warcraft 4. That would be okay if we followed up WoW 2 receive.”
The second course of action, which Asmongold believes is far more likely, involves a complete reorganization of Blizzard’s strategy:
“I think we’re going to see some very drastic changes in the next big patch notes. It’s going to be insane.”

For the Twitch streamer, WoW is definitely not over yet and the company could still make some money with the title if they improve the gaming experience. According to Asmongold, the MMO will either be a lot worse or a lot better in the future. However, he doesn’t think the company will continue with its current strategy.

It is definitely not unlikely that Blizzard will make some drastic changes with a new expansion at the latest, since the last two expansions, Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands, were not success stories for the company. At least it will always be exciting to see whether Asmongold is right with his theory and what drastic changes will come for the game, should there be any at all.

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