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World of Warcraft – Shadowlands.

One of the managers of World of Warcraft in the social network.networks published a post that talks about the changes that they are going to test next week in the beta version. As stated in the post, most of the changes will be around channels.

Actually, in the post itself there is useful information about the plan and the new system for collecting channels. All this is so that players can finally create their own talent trees, which will have some limitations, such as that the channel can be used once, but in different trees.

In the post, this is so difficult because you may not get new channels, but just clear them. By the way, we put up a small list of changes.

  • Guides will still be items that can be earned from a wide range of endgame content (dungeons, PvP, raids, reputations, world quests, etc.)
  • Instead of placing the guide directly in this soul binding tree, you will return it to your sanctuary, where you can add it to your permanent collection.
  • For most channels, there will be more than one source to increase purchasing flexibility and availability for different game styles.
  • The beta version of Shadowlands has received several updates over the past few weeks as they approach data release later this year.

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