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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands went live.

If players didn’t have time to log in to World of Warcraft when the content switch was turned on, then they can wait a bit, as many report problems trying to get into the recently released world of Warcraft expansion.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands went live just a few hours ago and while many players logged in and waited in their Alliance’s respective starting zones to access the quest line after switching the switch, others tried to log in to no avail. Users have started actively tweeting to show what they see when they try to enter the land of shadows.

Login issues with a mass MMO launch, extension, or something else are nothing new for fans of this genre. It’s still frustrating to see, but unfortunately it’s part of any launch, as many players and fans have been waiting for this version of the game for a long time.

But there is also good news, namely that once players can get to Shadowlands, they can start their adventure exploring the 8th expansion of WoW as a whole, sending players beyond the veil after Sylvanas Windrunner…assuming you can interact with the quest giver around all the people willing to play.

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