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World of Warcraft: News that will make you happy

MMORPG World of Warcraft has some small news that can make you happy.

  • Micro party.
    To begin with, today is the micro-holiday. The most important auction houses of orgrimmap and Stormwind have been cleared and dance parties have been made out of Them only for today (July 22).
  • Tavern.
    On July 31, the tavern will be opened by Kirin Tor Tavern Crawl. The most important thing is to jump into the portal at the local watering hole and join the tavern.
  • Free t-shirt day.
    Yes, it sounds quite strange and unusual, but it is true. The event will take place on August 16, so get ready. You know, they say that even artists will start producing free shirts in the capitals.
  • Lunar festival.
    Yes, you heard right the lunar festival that many people are talking about will be held on November 12. There will be a celebration related to Munkin on the moon glade.
  • Festival of Wanderers.
    On December 7, the Wanderers festival will be held on the beach in the wilds of Krasarang. This is the time for reflection and song.

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