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World of Warcraft has released the Knowledge of the Burning Legion.

So, it became known that World of Warcraft MMO has released the Knowledge of the Burning Legion, and Limited Free Character Translations Are Also Available. It’s been more than a decade since World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade was introduced in the game. During this time, new players have arrived and old players have left, and Blizzard has released a short video that will undoubtedly help players delve into the parts of the knowledge that they may have missed or forgotten.

But in today’s video, a brief overview of the Burning Legion shows how the legion formed and is now targeting Azeroth. Today, the Burning Crusade Classic expansion launched, which pushed classic servers forward, but did not release the long-awaited PvP update, 9.1 Chains of Domination, which we announced at the end of last week.

In addition to the launch of the classic “Burning Crusade” movie and the “Knowledge of the Burning Legion” video, Blizzard has also announced that there will be limited free character transfers. These character transfers are dedicated to certain realms, and in some cases, to certain factions. The Caivax community manager explains that the transfer can take several hours and follow a number of conditions, including some cases where characters cannot be transferred until certain conditions are met.

“Please pay attention:

You can’t pass a character that:

is the leader of the guild.
has items up for auction.
has in-game mail messages.

  • You may need to change the character name after the transfer.
  • You can’t transfer a character to a PvP area where you already have a character from the opposite faction.
    The character transfer is the final decision after initiation and cannot be undone. Blizzard Customer Support cannot change or cancel the character transfer process.”
    – Kaivax, Community Manager, World of Warcraft

No specific details were provided about the timeframe for when the transfers will be available, but Kaivax said they will monitor the transfers and close the free transfers if necessary, meaning that if you really want to transfer one of the aforementioned worlds, you should do so as soon as possible.

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