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World of Warcraft has received another update.

So, 9.1 PTR World of Warcraft has received another update, and yes, the Survival Hunters are being polished again. Several other update notes are also included. First, if you missed our previous report on how Maw is being updated in version 9.1, be sure to catch up here.Of note is the addition of Cortia, the City of Secrets,

“As part of his current plans, the Jailer discovered a long-lost area of the Shadowlands—Cortia, the City of Secrets-and pulled her out of the hidden passageways Between Them into the Womb. In this new realm, you will team up with the Covenanters under a single banner to fight against the endless forces of the Jailer and work to uncover what ambiguities he seeks in this forgotten realm.”

Latest PTR 9.1 updates (via MMO Champion) achievements, spells, strings, garrison missions, and several different items. For example, spell changes apply to Druids, Hunters, Paladins, Priests, Sorcerers, and Legendary Runeforge abilities.

In particular, Survival Hunters see:

“Kill Command Give the kill command, causing your pet to violently deal [ 63% [72.5% attack power ] Physical damage to the enemy. Has a 25% chance to immediately reset your cooldown. Generates 15 Magic Tricks. 1 charge. Hunter-A Specialist in Survival. Hunter-Survival Special. range 50 yards. Instant. 6 seconds of cooldown. 1 charge.”

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