World of Warcraft forums have started pointing out a problem

More recently, World of Warcraft forums have started pointing out a problem with characters that are artificially making a level or sometimes not at all on Khadgar. customer support says they were aware of this issue and are looking into it.

This issue started on September 22 and is still unresolved.On September 24, the support team announced that bug fixes were ongoing and a number of characters were restored to their previous levels. It was also reported that they consider this a “high priority”, as indicated in yesterday’s update:

“As many people know, this was a very important priority for us from the very beginning. We have reached a point where we fully understand this problem and will continue to work to solve it. Players who have missing characters or de-aligned characters should start to see that they expect to return this evening.”

With World of Warcraft: Shadowlands right around the corner and some recent “realm connections” implemented by Blizzard, this issue may have come at the worst possible time.

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