World of Warcraft Classic will open new items for use partly

World of Warcraft Classic will open new items for use partly, depending on the content phase

Actually itemization is quite a big problem in World of Warcraft: Classic. We, of course have some improvement of gear in the game, but the previous gear pieces often can be not so useful, than they really could. And also there’s the modulation of the content rollout to think of. A new dev blog post affirms: items in the game will be available only when they can be available, depending on the content phases, but the patch 1.12 can remove Spirit from Warrior plate armor, so the game will use it.

The cause is simply that purchasing goods is fundamental part of the content being made at all, but there’s no need in recreation of the feeling when you get items that work bad or need to be made over. Of course, dev team better gives us most useful gear, so we won’t see those days when Spirit will appear for classes not being able using mana again. So, the news are rather good, than not.

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