World of Warcraft: Classic was left without bots.

Blizzard has closed the most popular bot program in World of Warcraft: Classic.In fact, Blizzard Entertainment should have done so at the very beginning of the war on bot farming. After all, the fight against lone bots is useless, but another thing is a direct blow directly to the source of problems.

In any case, the life of the “East WoW Toolbox”has now come to an end. Thus, Blizzard closed one of the most popular programs among bot owners in World of Warcraft: Classic, which had a huge number of features. And at the same time, it was a huge problem for the community.The administrator of the “East WoW Toolbox” project announced that the development, support and sale of EWT is being discontinued. He noted that the features of the program violate the terms of use of the game, so it was proposed to close it without courts and proceedings. At least this applies to the entire EWT platform. Although the developers will definitely get to the rest over time.

Most likely, the creator of EWT was quite scared by Blizzard’s lawyers. Most likely, it was about multimillion-dollar fines, so the author decided not to risk and cover up the illegal “production”. Moreover, now even the official website of this bot does not work.

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