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World of Warcraft Classic “The Fresh Crusade ” opened for business.

So, officially, the World of Warcraft Classic server “The Fresh Crusade “ opened for business.

If you are not at all aware of what it is and for what, then this is, in fact, a public initiative to create a new start in WoW Classic. We previously reported that they have about 7,000 players ready to launch. Now it’s launch day, and the team has released some additional information about their Dissonance.The report notes that they initially expected about 2,000 players to participate. However, interest continued to grow. They have a pretty positive view of the growth and longevity of this project.

Also, there is a short FAQ that they published, answering the question why they chose Dragonfang instead of Judgment. They cite the population and the economy as the main driving factors. They note,

“We’ve hit 9,500 people so far, and it’s not too different between Judgment and Dragonfang, but we firmly believe that with the number of people we have, even if it remains 10% (which I think is pessimistic and will be closer to at least 30%), then we will be here in the long run. And based on that, why not go for an empty realm with a lesser threat of 60 players?”

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