World of Warcraft Classic version's launch & 15th Anniversary Collection

World of Warcraft will be back to its origins with Drums of War update on August 27; 15th Anniversary Collection

wow classic

World of Warcraft Classic officially will be launched on August 27, so the Classic version fans can repeat the experience. For those, who have never seen the first launch this is an opportunity to take a look at their beloved MMORPG’s original form. Although, this new version is slightly different and more “soft”, since some rough moments are smoothed. To back up the game Blizzard used a 1.12 patch called Drums of War.

The idea of reviving a classic World of Warcraft belongs to veterans of MMORPG which, watching through years how people enter and leave, started to create their own private services, getting rid of updates and making the game looking more originally. Although Blizzards began to shut down such services to prevent the intellectual property infringement back in 2016, a year later devs announced their plans to create the official Classic version.

Beta-Test’s Schedule

Before its launch the Classic version will be stress tested thrice:

  • Stress Test 1: Wednesday May 22 – Thursday May 23
  • Stress Test 2: Wednesday June 19 – Thursday June 20
  • Stress Test 3: Thursday July 18 – Thursday July 19

To participate in those beta-tests you need to have active subscription on your account. Go to Account Management and select the Wow Classic beta in the menu. Also, Blizzard will be launching character creation on August 13, so if you have a subscription you can try it out in August.

If you already have your WoW subscription, the Drums of War patch will cost you $0. WoW Classic will as well be releasing the content in its original order.

15th Anniversary Collection

There’s also a 15th anniversary collector’s edition announced, containing Onixia pin, art prints and Ragnaros statue, map of Azeroth mouse pad, Alabaster mounts and 30 days of game time.

The collection will release on October 8 and will cost $100.

wow boxpanel

wow statue

wow map

wow prints

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