World of Warcraft Classic has become a happy family.

In General, on Friday, Blizzard announced that it is removing layers of overpopulation technology for all areas. First they implement this technology, and then they delete it. It seems like only World of Warcraft Classic became a happy family, and then again, not so happy. Here’s what’s in the post. In addition to all this, all temporary restrictions on movement between the kingdoms were removed. In General, everything is a little complicated.

“In the weeks since several high-population areas were configured to allow two layers and therefore twice as many simultaneous players, we have carefully observed and tracked the player populations in these areas, ” the Studio said. “Our goal was to come to a conclusion – a time when we could safely “detain” and return these areas to the same control of the population as all other areas. Today we did just that. All the realms in this region now work without layers.”

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