Darkmoon fair opened its store until July 12 in World Of Warcraft,

WORLD OF WARCRAFT CLASSIC: Darkmoon fair opened its store until July 12

Darkmoon Faire now lives on in World of Warcraft Classic, giving players the chance to capture knickknacks, companion Pets, and various buffs from Sayge. The monthly faire has set up shop in Elwynn Forest until July 12th and will be moving to Mulgore in August.

By completing repetitive quests or transforming necessary animal parts, players can win tickets to the fair. Engineers, Tanners, and blacksmiths can also earn extra tickets by handing over processed items.

If you are a Horde, you will have to travel a little to get to the forest of Elwynn. If you don’t know how, WoWHead has a handy guide that you can use.

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