World of Warcraft: Classic will let you create up to 50 characters

WoW 50 characters

As Blizzard has said players may have ten characters per realm in World of Warcraft: Classic, but what if you can have 50 max-level characters? That’s pretty sick, but if you wish, why not? Now you can do it. Now you can have up to fifty characters in the Classic realms (player’s region).

How does it work?

Players can be a part of one faction on PvP realms and have 10 characters max on a given realm, so you have to change servers if you want to create 50 characters. But anyway, separating of the two character limits with no links is still good news. So, create them however you want. You’ve got the space to allow your chars walking in the Barrens, as they’re supposed to.

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