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World of Warcraft Classic: Blizzard has probably announced “fresh” servers

World of Warcraft Classic is very popular with many players. But now most of the committed players have reached the maximum level and completed the various raids. These players now have nothing more to do, so to speak. For players who want a fresh start in the game, Blizzard has now announced a “surprise”.

In August 2019, Blizzard released World of Warcraft: Classic. The WoW community has wanted servers that can play the original World of Warcraft from 2004 for some time and although Blizzard was initially against this idea, they finally fulfilled the players’ wishes.

Now the developers are probably going one step further. In June of this year, WoW Classic players were able to fill out a survey how they would like WoW Classic Fresh servers. With these, not only would players get a fresh start in the game at regular intervals, but the servers would also introduce some gameplay changes to keep the game interesting.

Now Blizzard has probably confirmed these servers in a new blog post. Not only will phase 2 of The Burning Crusade Classic start on September 15th and the new update to Shadowlands will be playable on the PTR from next week, the developers also write that they are looking for “a surprise for WoW Classic players who get a Wish a fresh start “work.

The community is visibly enthusiastic about this news and many players are looking forward to experiencing the title again with everyone else from the beginning. However, some users are also skeptical about the whole thing, so bots could counteract the fun of the game, as they already do in World of Warcraft: Classic.

It will definitely be exciting to see how Blizzard intends to implement these new servers and what innovations we can look forward to when they publish more information about the servers “soon”.

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