World of Warcraft beta test are satisfied Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft never ceases to amaze. On Friday the 13th at 2 PM Eastern time, they will arrange for broke on the beta test Shadowlands in the Kingdom Target. All this, in order to set the conditions for launching Shadowlands and test the transition between Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands, they ask players to join them for the test.

Here is such an announcement they have on the forum.

The test will be in beta-the Kingdom of Shadow Lands Torget.
Starting at 9: 00 am et (12: 00 noon et), the Kingdom of Torgast will be restarted and set up for the battle of Azeroth.
Until 11:00 am et, testers can copy their characters from their live worlds.
At 11:00 am et, we will launch Shadowlands on Torgast.
There was also one condition: all characters above level 50 or already in Shadowlands content will be unavailable during the test. Once the test is completed, these characters will be available to play again.

Players who will participate in the beta testing of launch conditions can play through the starting zones and see the sequences that open to them for 2 hours before they have time to complete the Shadowlands Torghast beta test.

In General, World of Warcraft is still only in the process of preparing for the launch of Shadowlands later this month with a disaster event happening right now.

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