Wizardry Online’s permadeath dungeon crawler can be brought back to life with its dedicated fans

Wizardry Online

Although a magnificent RPG pedigree stretches back decades, the Wizardry franchise stumbled when it came to release of the game. Wizardry Online lasted just a few years in Japan, and about two years in western countries back in 2013-14 under SOE’s guidance.

This game had small but faithful fanbase that hoped for a future for that hardcore, permadeath dungeon crawler, and now these fans try to bring Wizardry Online back. Someone has posted on Reddit all of the game files, requesting for skilled engineers to take and run this project. It doesn’t seem like there’s any support so far, but with the files out there, there’s still a chance.

“I’m looking for people motivated to restore the game, if you have any reverse engineering experience, or skills tracking down information, or files, or know someone who does, please assist us. I don’t want to wait years and years to see something like Wizardry Online again,” the OP post says.


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