With Monster Hunter World will make a Board game

Wow, this is very unexpected, but according to recent posts, the developer Of steamforged games Board games wants to thicken the feeling of the game Monster Hunter World in the form of a Board game like this?It doesn’t have a name yet, but I think we’ll find out soon enough. It may be difficult, but the game designers are up to the task if they have managed to create such successful Board games that were based on Devil May Cry and Horizon Zero Dawn. In General, we need to be patient and wait together. Approximately the game should be released on Kickstarter in 2021, but here’s the problem, that the full game is likely to cost $ 100. In General, as everywhere else, it is planned to have several types of monsters, and like 4, one biome and also a number of weapons and equipment for players to purchase. Hunters will be able to go on game expeditions that will take a certain period of time. In the campaign, you will have to prioritize actions, because time will be limited. For example, one task may require a game day. Expeditions have various phases, including training, hunting, and fighting monsters. The movements will be applied at the expense of cards that will end up in the hands of users. The same applies to weapons, each of which will have its own cards.The expeditions will have several phases: preparation, hunting, and battle with monsters. Players will have two sets of cards: one is responsible for the actions on the table, the other — what weapons are used by the hero.

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