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Witch festival in Elder Scrolls Online.

O'dyllita Questline

Most recently, the Elder Scrolls Online witch festival kicked off live today and runs until November 3 this Tuesday, providing all adventurers who are brave enough to withstand the horror with which they can earn some creepy crown store offers.

Well, if you are not quite happy with the witch festival, then you can do as you want, because there will be many events and awards to take part in. In the official Elder Scrolls Online post, he will give you specific information about joining the event by completing the “witch deal”quest. YOU can get a two-hour 100% XP buff, but wait, that’s not all. After defeating the monster bosses, you will get a robber’s skull, which can provide one of the following rewards:

  • Items in the style Hollowjack
  • Items in the style Dremora
  • Recipes on the theme of the witch festival
  • Witchcraft festival-themed furniture and furniture recipes
  • New fragments of throwing bones for memory
  • Combine 10 pieces to create this collectible item.

Players can also get Dremora Plunder skulls, which will give you additional rewards. This event will be an awfully good time, especially with Markart right around the corner, who will finally finish Elder Scrolls on the spookiest arc, with the dark heart of Skyrim.

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