Wild Terra Online goes Free-to-Play

Wild Tera Online

Indie development Juvty World announced that their previously Buy-2-Play game Wild Terra Online is going Free-to-Play starting on February 12th.
“Wild Terra Online is growing rapidly, in the 12 months we’ve released 8 updates and a free DLC. And the number of players online, over the past 2 months has increased by more than 50%. The transition to free-to-play is not a necessary measure, it is the next stage of active growth. We are determined to work productively and will continue to delight you with updates, and our policy related to microtransactions will remain the same” – say developers.
Those who bought game on steam or had it as a gift gonna receive Veteran Pack, that will contain 30 days of Premium bonus, Unique Veteran’s Cloak, 10 Large potions and Keys.

Developers also pointed out that transition to Free-to-Play will occur without gameworld wipe. Current players will save their progress and properties.

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