Wild Terra 2 is coming out in Early Access.

So, very soon in early access, Wild Terra 2 is released today on Steam.

If you don’t know what Wild Terra 2 is, it means you can live your life in a “player-controlled medieval world”.” You will be able to live in the territory currently occupied, or go to conquer new lands.

Like any other game, the team plans to constantly update it with new improvements,features and quality of life. So far, the team knows that:

“Further improvements in agriculture, fishing, cooking, and the addition of livestock.
Every season a new continent! With its own conditions, inhabitants, dungeons, resources, and rewards. We plan to launch the first season by June 2021. “

  • Even more elements for building houses, creating furniture and decor.
  • Improvement of the Guild. Special dungeons with activities, bosses, and rewards. Guild wars.
  • Improved combat system with an even greater variety of equipment, abilities, and roles.

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