What you need to know before starting the New World Closed Beta

What you need to know before starting the New World Closed Beta

The closed beta testing of MMORPG New World is getting closer and closer, and for this reason, the developers decided to share the details of this stage. While much of the information provided was already known, especially for those actively following the news, this article is great for refreshing your memory and filling in possible gaps. We’ve prepared a short summary for you with all the important beta testing details.

  • The closed Beta Testing for New World will begin on July 20 and will end on August 2.
  • There are three ways to participate: submit a claim on the official website, pre-order on Steam, or pre-order on Amazon.
  • Developers will randomly select applicants from among those who submitted, at regular intervals throughout the closed beta. If you signed up, be sure to check your email during the stage.
  • Players who pre-order on Amazon before July 18 will receive an invite on July 19. If you buy the game after this date, you will be sent an invite within 48 hours after confirming the order.
  • Players who pre-order on Steam will automatically have access to Closed Beta. The New World Closed Beta item will appear in the games library.
  • If you were invited to participate in the Closed Beta via the registration page or pre-ordered from Amazon, you will receive a key that must be redeemed on Steam.
  • Beta servers will be available in North America, Europe, Australia and Brazil.
  • The beta version will support full localization of text and voice acting in English, as well as translation of text in French, German, Italian, Spanish (Spain and Latin America), Polish and Brazilian Portuguese.
  • During closed beta testing, it is allowed to share any content on the game, such as screenshots and gameplay videos, as well as conduct live broadcasts and give reviews.
  • You can use screenshots and gameplay videos from the beta in the future, but the developers note that some things may differ after the release, so the materials shown may be inaccurate or out of date.
  • After the end of the closed beta testing, a wipe will occur, which means that, together with the release, everyone will start from scratch.

Recall that the full release of New World will take place on August 31, 2021.

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