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What will happen to Fallout 76 in the latest roadmap?

As it became known, in the latest article Inside the Vault, Bethesda reveals what will happen to Fallout 76 in the latest roadmap for 2021. Upcoming features will change the game in exciting new ways, such as S. P. E. C. I. A. L. loadouts, legendary crafting, Legendary Power Armor, and they will introduce 4-star legendary items!

The seasonal roadmap covers almost everything that players can expect during a given year. But in the next update, due out in the spring, Locked & Loaded will bring the new downloads that Bethesda recently talked about, in addition to the first daily Ops expansion and alternative C. A. M. P. slots.When summer finally comes, you’ll be able to build legendary weapons in earnest, so players can start hoarding their legendary modules right now. Legendary power armor will also be available, which will no doubt require Bethesda to give players more challenging enemies to battle, to make up for what we expect to be powerful pieces of armor to what is already considered the most powerful type of armor.

And also, Season 6 plans powerful changes in Private Worlds. Fallout 1st members are probably pretty familiar with Private Worlds, and those worlds will change in the fall, but how? Bethesda plans to release more information about this in the near future, but players can make some educated guesses while we wait to hear more. Finally, in the winter, everything will change with a new level of weapons and armor. 4-star weapons and armor will hit the game, which will re-launch the farming machine to get all the new weapons and armor. The team is also teasing a new Public Challenge and a new seasonal event: Ritual!

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