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What should we expect in the Camelot Unchained?

To improve the NPC gets a lot of attention.

So, the most recent update just talks about a lot of improvements for NPCs. Actually, there is a lot of things there, even variable speed, which allows you to better control the speed of movement when performing different behaviors, and also allows you to create better and more interesting combinations. As they say, this will lead to a more natural and smooth movement, although who can believe it?

Regardless of the game ambitions it’s unclear wether it will ever see the light of day. If you want to play good MMOs now, I will suggest ESO where they’ve recently change champion points system and it is absolutely amazing now.

By the way, there was a rumor that NPCs will be able to help players push rams during sieges. NPCs should be able to simply grab the RAM when the player controls it, thus further helping the player. It is possible that the behavior logic will improve so that the NPC can stop one behavior and start another, which will have higher priority

Finally, pathfinding is going to get a significant overhaul that will allow them to better navigate buildings, structures, and structures created by players. The team also tackled a bunch of bug fixes in July, including:

By the way, pathfinding will also receive repairs. This will allow you to better navigate buildings and structures created by players. But not only will the team fix it, there’s something else.

  • Fixed several missing feature icons, so they now appear
  • HUD boundaries for devout and auxiliary classes now appear.
  • Added the art of building abilities for auxiliary classes
  • Visual effects for life impact is now correctly displayed on friendly characters
  • The ability recovery time can no longer be ignored.
  • Fixed bugs related to endurance and panic that didn’t work correctly when your corresponding resource bar was at maximum/min.
  • Fixed an issue where statuses were not displayed in hud in some situations.
  • Added a missing function for saving flat elements that marks whether they are dynamic or not.
  • Sections in the battlefield zone are no longer edited when they should not be available.

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