Everything you need to know about the news.

What new things do we learn? Actually a little bit about Black Desert and the rest.

So, today we will have a small selection of news about some games.

Well, let’s start with Risk of Rain 2.
Unfortunately, the news is not very pleasant, but the game developers said that the game will leave the early access stage, in which it has been since March of this year. But do not be upset because the release version with update 1.0 will be released on August 11, and this is very soon…

The developers added that new levels, bosses, items, and more will be released along with the update and the game.As the team said, the game will be released on consoles later, but they did not name the exact date. They also strongly thanked the players for all their support.

Here is what the developers published in the social network.

Early access was like a crazy ride through uncharted space, and we can’t thank you enough for your support over time. We had a lot of fun managing early access together, and we will always be grateful for the patience and excitement our community has shown. In the future, we will have more information about the launch of the update for consoles 1.0.

What about Black Desert?
The game company Pearl Abyss on its YouTube channel posted a trailer with a demonstration of the skills of awakening a new class of Hassashin. The most interesting thing is that we will finally be able to summon sand snakes and master a double-edged sword.

Specially for you I remind you who Hassasin and his abilities.Hassashin-a warrior of the AAL, who received part of the power of the original God of Valencia and manages sandstorms. For example, it can use a sandstorm to teleport to a selected location nearby. In addition, it can also bring down sandstorms on the heads of enemies and ambush them.

Only recently published updates this week.More information about this week’s update:

  • Added a Nest of crows and the Abyss of immortality
  • Added Naru gear
  • Reorganized the rewards of the main quest line and Califone Serentiy
  • Added 3 new hairstyles for women’s classes
  • Added a new blood Arena effect
  • Added a Seasonal Arsha server
  • Added item “[Season] Rift energy pill”
  • Changes to items, monsters, transport, tasks, and knowledge
  • Class changes
  • Interface and system changes
  • Error correction
  • New BDO Boosting products  Premium store

Right now the free Star Wars Mmo is out: The old republic.
It was released on steam and it is completely free, which pleases us. Of course, if you want to pay for it, the company and the game will be happy to offer you to purchase paid sets of items, premium currency and an optional subscription that speeds up pumping, opens instant access to add-ons and gives you other bonuses.

What is the game itself about? Star Wars: The Old Republic is the only free multiplayer game in which you will find yourself at the center of your own Saga in the Star Wars universe. Try on the role of a Jedi, Sith, bounty hunter or one of the other legendary roles of the Star Wars universe and explore a galaxy far, far away, as it was 3000 years before the events of the classic movies. Become the hero of your Star Wars adventure with five story-driven additions and go your way on the Light or Dark side of the Force.

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