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What is so new in the Elder Scrolls VI?

In one of the most anticipated games, Тhe Elder Scrolls VI for the new generation from Bethesda revealed a huge city of unprecedented scale, which has not yet been explored by players. The scope of the largest cities in the game TES 6 amazed fans of the game series and ESO Gold earnings..

The Elder Scrolls 6 game from Bethesda is being developed for a new generation of gaming platforms, and developers still have a lot of time to fully take advantage of the new devices. this will allow the authors from Bethesda to impress gamers not only with the latest graphics with rich detail and realistic lighting, but also to implement in the project truly gigantic cities that have never been created in games of this setting. In the Elder Scrolls 6, players expect to visit those famous cities that they have previously heard about in previous games, but have never visited them. For example, many gamers dream that in the Elder Scrolls VI was much more disclosed about the cultural differences of the game races, such as the orcs and their capital Orsinium.

Orsinium is an entire city-state, and therefore its scope in TES VI should be extremely impressive. Some fans assume that the cities in the Elder Scrolls 6 will be able to compare in size even with night city from the expected game Cyberpunk 2077. Since the location of the TES 6 game is likely to be Hammerfell or high Rock (possibly two provinces at once), Orsinium will almost certainly be represented in the game. Fans will be able to learn about the life of orcs (orchimaru), which is known not so much. In addition, previously, it was reported that in the cities the game the Elder Scrolls VI will be thousands of crafted NPC, and will be presented in a realistic 1 to 1 scale, which it was almost impossible to achieve. Given the previous statements of the developers, the Elder Scrolls VI players will be able to play for decades, and therefore the project will have a giant open world with a huge amount of content.

After the official announcement of the Elder Scrolls 6, Bethesda no longer provided players with any new information about the game, including its release date. Given that the creators have not yet begun to advertise their next project Starfield, the release of the Elder Scrolls VI will probably take at least 3-4 years.

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