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What is so new and interesting about Ashes of Creation?

Do you know what happened on Thursday?The coolest thing that could have happened in a week.We saw another, new look at the Ashes of Creation gameplay and development footage from people from Intrepid Studios. At the beginning of the video, we were shown several previews of spell effects, as well as viewing the level up effect among other visual previews. By the way, the developers also discussed what visual language they will try to use with effects.

Then the video talked about some kind of gathering of three craft trees, through which players will still be able to move. But the tools for this collection will have a limit on application, although tools with a large number of uses can be built, but it requires a certain level. At the moment, there are three types of resources that players can collect, namely resource veins, single resources, and creature resources.by the way, the higher your skill level, you have a better chance of finding a rare resource.

Sometimes you could see some in-game footage that even includes a level 10 dungeon flight in the world.As stated, this particular dungeon was just a well of large size, where there are many rooms and treasures. The video shows about visual progression, equipment setup, and spiders.

Ashes of Creation Stephen Sharif was again a guest on the broadcast to talk about the game.Now, by the way, there will be a video with the broadcast and everything.

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