Korthia: equipment and activities

What is Korthia: activities and equipment

In the future update for World of Warcraft – 9.1, Shadowlands will be replenished with a new location called Korthia. And although it appeared on test servers a long time ago, it was filled with often non-working tasks and currency that had nowhere to spend. The latest build added a lot of new things and streamer Preach decided to talk about how everything works there now.

According to Preach, Korthia should be a location that will mostly be for casual players. If you participate in rated PvP, close keys or go through raids, then this location will not be of interest to you in terms of character enhancement (except for the ability to add sockets). Blizzard doesn’t want to repeat the situation that happened with Nazjatar’s Benthic armor when they became BiS raid items.

In Korthia, killing rare opponents, opening chests, completing daily tasks and other activities, you will receive a new currency called “relics”. These relics can be exchanged for “research pages”, which are needed to improve the level of items found in Korthia, as well as to buy various goods. If you are surprised and do not know why you need a currency that will need to be exchanged for another currency, then most likely this is due to how the reputation works in the new location. Each reputation level, like Ve’nari, will unlock new goods from merchants. One of them is a multiplier on the number of pages received, which should allow you to upgrade your gear faster. Korthia is filled with secrets, so you can buy keys to large and hidden chests. At the merchant you can find several interesting goods, for example, one of them allows you to see after killing which creatures you will receive relics. The other three goods will allow you to gain additional style / anima / reputation with the factions of Shadowlands by killing creatures in the Maw / killing any rare opponents and completing any world quests / killing rare opponents and completing world quests in the zone of the corresponding faction.

You can now purchase level 200 equipment for Stygia. This level may seem small, but it can be increased to 230 using the exploration pages.

According to Preach, the location resembles Nazjatar, and it seems that Korthia does not have the usual “time gate” lately, since you can spend as much time in it as you like, performing activities of interest to you and pumping your reputation / collecting currency as much as you like. In addition to the typical rare enemies and chests, Korthia is full of hidden missions that are not marked on the map in any way.

Korthia has definitely improved compared to her condition when the PTR first came out. Adding gear should allow casual players to get at least some items if they want to ignore more complex content. It’s good that Blizzard learned their lesson with benthic items and now players do not have to kill rare opponents in order to strengthen the character in the raid. Unfortunately, the release date of patch 9.1 still remains a mystery.

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